Tow Truck Brands

Tow trucks play an essential role in pulling out a vehicle from a certain location and transferring it to a repair shop, impound yard or any other place. These trucks are often utilized during emergency situations like accidents, car breakdown or whenever a vehicle is parked illegally. Most of the companies offering towing services provide 24/7 availability in order to cater the needs of the vehicle drivers. Aside from that, they have expert towing technicians who operate the entire towing process. However, some of us do not know that there are actually different kinds of tow trucks. Depending on the vehicle that needs to be towed, a towing company may use flatbed tow trucks, wheel lift trucks, integrated trucks, hook and chain towing trucks or boom trucks. Get Towing Irvine experts if you are in need for a emergency wrecker service.

Not all towing companies are capable of investing different tow truck brands. In fact, some of these companies only have a medium duty tow truck or a heavy duty tow truck. Nevertheless, the most important thing to consider is to have durable towing trucks that are capable of ensuring the safety of the vehicle while it is being transported. Among the famous tow truck brands used nowadays are the Toyota, Ford, Hummer and many others. But if you are speaking about a truck that has the largest towing capacity, it is the International CXT, designed by Navistar International Corporation.

This truck has spacious interiors, exclusive leather seating, and seats that can be folded. Another tow truck brand is the Ford F-350 Super Duty which can carry or drag a vehicle that has 19,500 pounds. Ford is one of the most reliable manufacturers of towing trucks that has special transmission and gear, specifically designed for the needs of every towing company. Other than its power machine, Ford F-350 Super Duty has telescoping mirrors that enables the operator or the driver to see the road outside its trailer.

GMC Sierra is also a great tow truck brand that has 6.6 liters of turbo diesel engine. Chevrolet Silverado is also known for its excellent diesel storage just like the Sierra. But some of the famous models used by towing companies are Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan King Cab, International MXT, Doge Ram 3500, Hummer H2 SUT and Cadillac Escalade EXT.